4 Automotive Innovations To Be Thankful For

Thanksgiving is just around the corner – a time for indulging in second helpings, catching up with rarely-seen relatives, and struggling to make it to the end of the Cowboys game after the turkey coma hits.

It’s also a time of reflection, to renew our appreciation for the things that make life worthwhile. Whether you’re off to do some early holiday shopping at the Yorkville Marketplace or chauffeuring the family back home from dinner at the in-laws’, holiday travel serves as a welcome reminder of the importance of owning a reliable vehicle, especially during the colder months.

But we can’t give proper thanks to our cars without acknowledging certain recent advancements in the automotive industry. Today’s driving experience is full of amazing features that make travel safer and more convenient than ever before. Before you start your Thanksgiving preparations, let’s take a moment to appreciate four noteworthy automotive innovations that we should all be thankful for:

Collision Avoidance Technology

While airbags were clearly a massive step forward for vehicle safety, modern automakers are now focused on preventing accidents before airbags need to deploy. Enter advanced collision avoidance systems (or CAS).

The first (very rudimentary) rearview backup camera was introduced way back with the 1956 Buick Centurion. Today, that feature comes standard with most new vehicles. But automaker have expanded their ambitions to include full driver assist systems, which do everything from alert drivers when another vehicle is in proximity to completely takeover the vehicle’s systems when a collision appears imminent. With CAS, it’s like you always have a co–pilot with you – and every day, its presence saves lives.

Mobile App Interconnectivity

In a world that’s increasingly interconnected, our cars have become the latest aspect of our lives woven into the mobile network fabric. While we’ve had Bluetooth connectivity and other ways to link our phones to our vehicles for quite some time now, there has been a recent surge in the popularity of connected mobile apps.

Nowadays, many car manufacturers give high priority to integrating a wide range of compatible applications, making the transition from home or office to the vehicle smoother than ever. Assuming this trend continues (and why wouldn’t it?), in ten years’ time, it might be easier to list the things your car can’t do.

EcoBoost Engines

With the rapid advancement of technology, our collective responsibility also grows. From protecting our devices to being selective about the information we choose to share online, each of us is tasked with constant accountability as we navigate life’s new normal. But just as it always has been, ensuring the ongoing health and habitability of our planet remains our most paramount duty.

Ford’s EcoBoost engine embodies this core belief by presenting an eco-conscious alternative to conventional gas and diesel engines. This turbocharged petrol engine harnesses the power of direct injection technology, providing comparable power and torque to standard engines, all the while vastly enhancing fuel efficiency. It bolsters fuel economy by an impressive 20% and decreases greenhouse emissions by 15%.

As we navigate deeper into the 21st century, brace yourself for the surge of electric vehicles and an array of eco-friendly options. Thanks to their affordability and adaptability, EcoBoost engines seem poised to carve out a place in the future they’re helping to preserve.

LED Headlights

Since their introduction in 2004, LED headlights have gained popularity among car manufacturers, especially luxury brands. And it’s no surprise – LED lights offer many advantages over traditional halogen and tungsten lights. These benefits include longer lifespans, better visibility, and lower electricity consumption. As a result, LED headlights significantly reduce maintenance costs.

Not only that, LED lights offer a wider range of color options compared to halogen lights that mostly produce yellow tones. While we still can’t perfectly mimic daylight driving during our evening commutes, LED lights are shining the way towards a clearer future.

The Rest Is Gravy

We have plenty to be thankful for here at Evans Auto Sales, from our vibrant community to the cider at Windy Hill Orchard. But most of all, we’re thankful for our loyal customers. Before your holiday adventures start in earnest, get to Evans Auto Sales and check out our entire selection of vehicles. Our inventory is like an elegant Thanksgiving spread – plentiful, variable, and there for your fulfillment. Bon Appétit, and have a wonderful start to the holiday season!


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